Our pools

A unique process for custom-made pools

Our process makes it possible to create custom-made pools in XXL format, and is perfectly suitable for community pools.

Whether you are the owner of a holiday cottage, a campsite, a hotel or a fitness centre, our Mondial Piscine dealers will be able to guide you in your project and help you with the choice of materials, and the standards that need to be respected in order to guarantee the safety and hygiene of users.

Filtration and water treatment for community pools

  • For disinfected and disinfecting water, chlorine is the only appropriate treatment
  • Liquid treatment products must be placed on a retention container (one container per product)
  • Treatment of the pool, ideally by sand filtration, rinsing obligation, pressure switch and clogging alarm
  • Mandatory recycling meter on each treatment line
  • Filtration with one large filter is more efficient than several small filters
  • The size of the technical unit must allow for the installation of a filter that is the correct size for the imposed volume and flow rates of recycling, and the associated pumps, for maintenance, for storage and having direct access to the outside to facilitate handling, ventilation, and possible replacement of the filter(s)


Fresh water supply

  • Supplying the pool with water from the public network via a specific meter, a buffer tank (if there are gutters), upstream of the treatment plant
  • At least 30 litres of fresh water per day and per user must be added to the system on a daily basis. Each pool is equipped with a specific fresh water meter
  • In pools used for leisure activities (water aerobics), it is recommended to allow 100 litres/day per user for the supply of fresh water


Evacuation of water

  • Provide slopes that are sufficient (2%) for evacuating the water quickly, but not so steep that they limit the noise of the waterfall
  • The profile of the paved area must allow for easy evacuation of the water run-off, limiting the run-off area, and not allowing the water to return to the pool, water trap around the pool, daily disinfection
  • To ensure good water quality, choose gutters that have grids or plates over the floor drains and channels (better installation, slopes and ease of cleaning). Gutters also have a visual appeal (mirrored water surface)
  • The buffer tank (about 1/15th of the pool) must be ventilated and equipped with a device that allows the water to be aerated (e.g.: waterfall)


Hygiene and sanitary regulations

  • • The establishment must have a sanitary logbook, which must include readings from the supply meter, the recycling meters, the operations carried out on the treatment plants, any incidents and the results of the two analytical controls that must be carried out per day, as a minimum
    • The foot bath must be continuously supplied with water during opening hours, it must be highly chlorinated, and be long enough (3 m) to allow access for wheelchairs
    • Paved areas must be strictly reserved for bare feet
    • It must be completely emptied at least twice a year, and the walls, the gutters or skimmers, the bottom and the buffer tank must be cleaned, descaled and disinfected
    • If a jacuzzi is included in the project, it will be subject to the same regulations as the pool