Outdoor pools

Mondial Piscine accompanies you from A to Z in your swimming pool project.

our exceptional pools

Débord’Ô, the infinity pool

Opt for an infinity pool on one or more sides!

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Miroir d’Ô, the mirror pool

Discover Miroir d’Ô, the pool with a luxurious touch. Increase your pleasure tenfold with your mirror pool, reflecting your search for well-being and incomparable aesthetics.

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Chron’Ô, the swimming lane

The pleasure of doing your laps at home.

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The tiled pool

Discover our tiled pools, for a unique water colour!

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Our essentials

Mini’Ô, the mini-pool

A wellness and sport experience condensed into a small space!

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Convivi’Ô, the family swimming pool

Discover the Convivi’Ô Mondial Piscine pool that has two levels of flat bottom and a slope; ideal for family play.

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The traditional swimming pool

The traditional pool is rectangular in shape and has an integrated corner staircase.

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