Traditional pool with underwater alarm
Full width staircase

The traditional swimming pool

The traditional pool is rectangular in shape and has an integrated corner staircase.

The traditional pool is a standard structure, allowing you to build a pool with a very reasonable budget. These pools can range from 3x6m to 6x14m. This model is also available with full width stairs.

Our models offer lots of personalisation options, and your pool is constructed simply and quickly.

Its rectangular shape facilitates the installation of safety equipment such as a protective barrier, alarm, cover or pool enclosure. 


Your staircase

  • A n integrated full-width staircase with a wide first step and optional balneo nozzles: an area for spa-like wellness and relaxation
  • Integrated comfort corner staircase: swimmers can make use of the full length of the pool
  • Comfort corner staircase with bench: a pleasant place for lounging

Our process offers a multitude of staircases; do not hesitate to discuss them with our dealer in order to find the one that suits you.


Shapes and wall heights

Mondial Piscine offers different wall heights, from 1.20m to 1.80m.

Three possible types of bottom:

  • Flat bottom
  • With a plunge pool
  • User-friendly 2-level flat bottom

Would you prefer a lap pool?

This model offers you the option of choosing the length and width of your pool. You can therefore transform your pool into a lap pool, with a width of 3 meters and a length of between 12 and 15 meters.

Customize your pool

Water color




Bottom type

Options available

Extend your swimming season.
Automatic coverage
Combine protection and aesthetics.
Bar cover
Effectively protect your swimming pool.
Pleasure and relaxation integrated into your swimming pool
Swimming against the current
A workout at home.
It is mandatory to protect your swimming pool.
An incomparable touch of aesthetics.