How should you choose
your pool bottom?

Photo credits: Dimitri Lamour

A flat bottom pool for shared pleasure

Whatever shape your pool may be, the flat-bottom pool is a solution that allows you to combine Fun, Swimming and Relaxation, wherever you are swimming.

Its flat bottom allows you to fully make use of the whole pool, with family, friends or to relax.

Mondial Piscine pools with flat bottoms have a depth of 1.50 m across the whole pool area.

The major disadvantage of this type of bottom is when you want to dive, or swim for sport. Also, the monotony of the bottom can become tiresome.

Flat-bottom pools make it easier to build your own pool, using our kits with assistance. Ask your Mondial Piscine pool specialist for advice.

Flat bottom pool

The pool with two levels of flat bottom, to vary the pleasure

Mondial Piscine provides you with two relaxation areas, one for adults and one for children.

The pool that has 2 levels of flat bottom allows you to share moments of pleasure with the children. In fact, its two levels of flat bottom, at 1.20m and 1.50m, allow everyone to swim and enjoy the pool, no matter what their size or swimming skills.

Simple to set up, it allows older children to have a deeper play area.

Two levels of flat bottom

The pool that has a plunge pool

This standard model allows you to dive, as its name suggests.

The first part of the pool has a flat area, with a depth of 1.20m, and the second part is deeper, generally between 1.60m and 1.80m. It can be dug either as a curved bottom or as a pyramid-shaped core. This model is perfectly suited for people who want a pool with a deeper area for jumping, diving, sports swimming or tricks.

Plunge pool