The swimming pool with diving pit,
for sportsmen and women

Plunge pools (also known as diamond-tip or pyramid-bottom pools) consist of two parts: one with a flat bottom and the other with a plunge pool. The pit can also be shaped like a curve bottom (also known as a spoon bottom).

With the exception of the Convivi’Ô model, all Mondial Piscine models are compatible with the diving pit. This means you can enjoy a flat bottom for children or leisure, as well as a pit for sporty swimming and risk-free diving.

The benefits

Suitable for sports in the pool

Pools equipped with a plunge pool are ideal for those looking for a deeper pool.

On the other hand, the first level at 1.10 m allows you to combine pleasures and get a foothold for ball games, for example. The pool looks bigger.


A more complex construction

The installation of this type of bottom requires the intervention of a professional for all earthworks. What’s more, liner can be more expensive if it involves more cutting around the pit.

More limited heating

The deepest part of the pool will take longer to heat up.