Two level flat bottom pool
Dimensions 4x9m | White liner

The two-level flat-bottom pool (also known as a compound slope pool) features different depths for different uses.

Mondial Piscine has designed its models with a small 1.10 m deep pool ideal for children’s swimming, followed by a large 1.40 m deep pool. Between the two levels, a slope allows a gradual descent.

All Mondial Piscine pool models are compatible with the compound slope.

The benefits

Multiple uses for your pool

The two levels of depth allow you to have a leisure/play area adapted to the youngest, as well as a play, swimming or jumping area for older children.


A type of bottom less suited to kit pools

On the other hand, their installation requires a more in-depth knowledge of masonry, which makes do-it-yourself kit construction more difficult, especially when it comes to the earthworks stage.

Our Convivi’Ô range combines safety and conviviality

The pool has a flat 2-level floor, so that young and old alike can enjoy the pleasures of the pool in complete safety.

Two bathing areas ideal for the whole family

A small bath, with a water height of 1.10m, and a large bath, with a water height of 1.40m. So everyone knows where their footing is, and the whole family can get together in complete peace of mind.