Swimming pool Miroir d’O | 15 x 5 m | Depth : 1,50 m
Armed PVC anthracite gray

Miroir d’Ô, the mirror pool

Discover Miroir d'Ô: the pool that is luxurious by nature. Get ten times the pleasure with your mirror pool, which reflects your search for well-being and incomparable aesthetics. The pool is luxurious by nature, and has a rectangular shape. It blends into the décor, reflecting your landscaped environment.

This mirror effect is due to the flow of water, at the same level as your terrace, on all four sides of the pool.

Discover the Miroir d’Ô pool by Mondial Piscine

An original pool for quality water

The quality of the water in the mirror pool is incomparable, as a result of the inverted hydraulics that avoid stagnation.
With our exclusive equipment, we can continuously “sweep” the water by optimising the filtration.

The mirror pool requires real know-how. This is a top-of-the-range product which highlights the expertise of Mondial Piscine.

Tip! Think about surrounding your mirror pool with stone, so the water will flow into a very thin groove. The stones can be chosen in the same colour tone as the rest of your terrace, in order to achieve the ultimate aesthetic appeal.


Lots of options

Mondial Piscine offers several wall heights: 1.20 m, 1.35 m, 1.50 m, 1.65 m and 1.80 m.

Possible types of bottom:

  • Three possible types of bottom:
    • Flat bottom, or with a plunge pool, or a Convivi’ô bottom
    • With a 1.20m wall: this pool includes:
      • A shallow end, with 1.10m of water along 1/3 of the total length
      • A deep end, where the bottom is between 1.60m and 1.80m approximately
    • With a 1.50m wall: for a flat bottom across the whole surface of the pool, this allows for the pool to be used in a more fun, user-friendly manner

Customize your pool

Water color




Bottom type

Options available

Extend your swimming season.
Automatic coverage
Combine protection and aesthetics.
Bar cover
Effectively protect your swimming pool.
Pleasure and relaxation integrated into your swimming pool
Swimming against the current
A workout at home.
It is mandatory to protect your swimming pool.
An incomparable touch of aesthetics.