Swim lane 19 x 3 m | Liner Sable with swimming T

Chron’Ô, the swimming lane

The pleasure of doing your laps at home.


At 3 meters wide and 12.5 meters long, the lap pool has been designed and created in order to guarantee you a comfortable swim.

Lots of options


Mondial Piscine offers two wall heights: 1.20m and 1.50m


If you want it to be longer, we have created the 14- or 16-meter long Chron’Ô model.


To guarantee a comfortable swimming experience, we recommend a flat bottom.

We have designed the ideal liner for a regular or intensive swimmer: two colours, which allows you to easily differentiate between the bottom and the walls. We have also added two T-shaped turning marks, in line with the standards of the French Swimming Federation. This way, you won’t miss any underwater turns!


For optimal protection, the walls of Chron’Ô are equipped with foam which protects you if you bump your hands or head


Options that do everything

Stairs or ladder

Depending on your wishes, you can equip your lap pool with a retractable ladder, so that it does not interfere with the closing of the safety shutter.

There are also several options for stairs:

  • The integrated, full-width staircase, with a wider first step
  • The corner staircase, which preserves the full length of the pool
  • The corner staircase with a bench, creating a pleasant space for rest


In combination with the “Integrated Staircase” option, the balneotherapy option will allow you to relax after an intensive swimming session. In this way, you can limit aches and fatigue.


Enjoy your lap pool in all seasons, with an integrated heating system that is powered by a heat pump.

The narrow width of your lap pool will allow it to blend in with your interior décor.


Enjoy long evenings in your pool with a soft light, guaranteeing a feeling of well-being!

Customize your pool

Water color




Bottom type

Options available

Extend your swimming season.
Automatic coverage
Combine protection and aesthetics.
Bar cover
Effectively protect your swimming pool.
Pleasure and relaxation integrated into your swimming pool
Swimming against the current
A workout at home.
It is mandatory to protect your swimming pool.
An incomparable touch of aesthetics.